Mold removal is a difficult process that requires special equipment and training to remove safely

Mold can be found in many different places, but it is most commonly found in the home. Mold thrives on moisture and warmth. Mold removal is a difficult process that requires special equipment and training to remove safely, so if you have mold in your home or business contact Vent Doctors today for immediate help (682)429-7012 !

Here's our Mold Removal Process:

1- Mold Testing and Identification

Mold testing is the first step in identifying if you have mold. Mold that grows on walls, furniture or other surfaces should not belong there and it should be tested. Testing mold on surfaces is easy and inexpensive. For mold growing in the air, a mold spore test will help identify it.

Vent Doctors will imply different types of tests to identify the kind of mold to be able to better decide the best remedies for it.

2.Mold Containment Procedures

At this step, we contain the mold to make sure it does not spread further into the home. We do this by using plastic sheeting, mold-killing spray, and moving furniture out of the room or offsite, if possible.

We move furniture and other items to another part of the home or store them offsite. This is done to avoid mold spreading into other parts of your house while we clean mold. This actually serves as one of the most important parts in mold removal process.

3.Mold Removal

Mold removal begins at the mold source, once we have identified and contained the mold, we start working on the mold removal process. To remove mold, commonly we use a non-toxic Enzyme cleaners, which is highly effective on mold and other organic materials. This process not only kills the organism but also breaks down the mold.

But, depending on the type and condition of Mold, we may use different ways and techniques to remove mold.

4.Mold Prevention

It's important to understand mold prevention as mold can grow in homes without any visible mold present. For mold prevention we make use of mold-resistant paints, window films that block mold spores from entering the home, and dehumidifiers to help reduce moisture levels. Along with other techniques for mold prevention, we make sure the mold spores don't get suitable conditions to grow back again.

5.Mold Cleanup and Restoration

In this step, the mold removal team at vent doctors starts the clean up and restoration process. As we clean the mold , we remove it from the premises to prevent its comeback. Along with the mold cleaning, we work on restoration of your damaged furniture, any kind of upholstery and more.

Mold Mitigation Strategies (to limit the spread of indoor mold spores)

To avoid the outbreak of mold and mold inhabitation in future, our mold removal team at Vent doctors finds out the reasons that caused the mold in the first place. We make sure to take measures that permanently eliminate the mold from growing back. We always guide our clients with the best dos and don'ts to make sure their home or office does not get inhibited by mold ever again.

Contacting a professional for help can save you time and money in the long run, but it also can help you feel more confident in the safety of your own home or office. If you have mold at your home or office, contact Vent Doctors Today.

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