Top 5 Reasons for Moisture in Your Home

You may be wondering why you have excess moisture in your home.

Fact is, there are several possible causes of high moisture levels in your home. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the top reasons.

Here we go.

Everyday activities

Showering, drying clothes inside the house, and cooking are everyday activities that can cause a buildup of moisture in your home. These activities release moisture, which mixes with air as water vapor.

When it comes in contact with a cold surface, it forms droplets of water. This problem, known as condensation, is especially common in homes with poor ventilation.


Sometimes, your activities are to blame with climate being the chief culprit for high levels of moisture in your home.

If it’s very humid outside, it’s very likely that the inside of your home will be very humid too, and you may see excess moisture collecting on windows and other cold surfaces.

Plumbing leaks

Leaks from plumbing systems can also lead to increased moisture in your home. Leaks can result from cracks in bathroom pipes or kitchen sinks, and can result in mold growth if not quickly fixed.

Appliances such as washing machines can also be leaking. To find leaks, check for areas of discoloration, peeling paint, musty smells, or dripping water sound.

Rising damp

Moisture from under your home could rise and enter your home through pores in bricks. This usually causes poorly-insulated basement to become damp and become infested with mold.

Other signs of rising damp include flaky plaster or wet patches on walls.

Poor ventilation system

A well-functioning ventilation system ensures the humidity in the home is just right. A good ventilation removes stale air and excess moisture that have built up in the air. In the process, it also removes pathogens.

Similarly, a lack of adequate ventilation can cause moisture levels in the air to rise, especially in high-moisture areas such as the kitchen and during heat-generating activities such as cooking.

If you suspect your ventilation system is faulty, contact us to assess and fix the issue.